Renovations And Dealing With Structural Issues With Homes That Have Settling Foundations

Posted on: 17 May 2017

Some homes are worth saving, and when you begin renovations, structural problems often arise. Sometimes, the structure of an older home may have been built before modern building standards. The poor foundations, eroding soils, and age lead to settling homes that are challenging to renovate. Here are some ideas that will help you correct the settling and complete your renovations to make an old home livable again:

1. Old Pier Foundations, Jacking and Creating Crawl Spaces with Modern Footings

In some rural areas, the lack of code allowed homes to be built anyway the owner wanted, which was often homesteaders or farmers. These old homes may have stone or brick piers holding up a rough-hewn timber floor system. As the home settles, piers lean and the floors begin to fall with them. First, you will want to repair the piers and install modern structural beams to support the floor accordingly. On the exterior, talk with the contractor about enclosing the crawlspace with brick or concrete structural walls that will support the weight of the home above and prevent problems from an open pier foundation.

2. Repairing, Strengthen and Updating Outdated Stone Wall Basement Foundations

Another type of older construction method that was used to build basement foundations was hand dug with stone walls. Overtime, erosion cause the stones to wither away with any motor they had holding them together. To repair a stone basement that was dug out, you will first need to support the structure above with temporary jacks. With the structure supported, begin repairs to the stone wall. A foundation repair contractor can help with the installation of modern drainage and waterproofing. You may also want to talk with the contractor about solutions to support the stonewalls from the exterior.

3. Restoring and Preserving Stone and Tile Floors, And Adding Modern Foundation Drainage

It is not only homes that have structures you may want to save. On some older properties, there may be other buildings that have stone or tile floors that are directly on compacted earth or some sort of primitive mortar. If you want to preserve the old stone or tile floors, you will need to repair them and add modern mortar to hold them together. Modern foundation drainage can be added to keep water out and preserve the old floor.

Just because a home is starting to settle, does not mean it cannot be saved. If you have found an historic jewel that needs a little tender love and care, contact a concrete contractor to help correct the foundation problems with structural concrete to restore the structure and complete renovations. Check with a company like Sunny Concrete Services LLC for more information.