3 Reasons Ready-Mix Is Better Than DIY Concrete Mixes

Posted on: 10 July 2017

Any homeowner who considers themselves to be a handyman or DIYer will probably pick up at least a bag or two of concrete mix at the local home improvement store at some point and this is definitely a convenient option. However, there are some concrete projects that will call for a little more concrete than what you are prepared to mix, so you may have to call on a local ready-mix concrete company to have a batch of mixed material delivered. While you may only consider this for a large project, there are actually a lot of odd reasons to pick ready-mix concrete over the bagged stuff. 

Ready-mix concrete can be incorporated with variant materials for a uniquely consistent look. 

Maybe you are having a patio installed or a concrete walkway and you're not real big on the appearance of the traditional slab of grey that you get with regular concrete. What you may not know is that concrete can be mixed with several different additives, including dyes and natural aggregate, to give it a totally different look. You can do this with concrete mixes that you buy at the store too, but achieving uniform results can be practically impossible. If you order ready-mix concrete, you can have the same options but will see a uniform mixture. 

Ready-mix concrete can be more resilient than the bagged stuff from the home improvement store. 

When you mix concrete at home, there are a lot of things that can affect the resiliency of the end product. For example, if it is especially humid the day you mix a batch of concrete, the mixture can have a higher moisture content than you really want, which means it can also cure to be a little more porous and brittle. However, when you have the ready-mix concrete delivered, it is mixed in a controlled environment, so you can expect pretty resilient results in the end. 

Ready-mix concrete is a much faster alternative. 

Think about all of the work that goes into mixing concrete properly and pouring it in place. This can involve investing special stirrers for your drill and hauling equipment. Plus, you will almost always make a huge mess in the process. On the contrary, ready-mix is delivered and piped directly where you need it and then smoothed down. You can have your project complete in what seems like no time when it would normally take you a long time to complete.