The Benefits Of Concrete Piers For Foundation Repairs

Posted on: 30 December 2019

If your concrete foundation is sinking or becoming un-level, piers may be placed underneath the concrete foundation. These piers help to support the foundation, ensuring it is level while also helping to prevent further sinking in the future. There are various types of piers that can be used to repair a concrete foundation, including steel piers, helical piers and concrete piers. Here are a few of the benefits that concrete piers have over other types of piers for foundation repairs.

Concrete Piers Are Low in Cost

One of the biggest benefits associated with concrete piers, and the reason why they are so popular, is due to their cost. Concrete is significantly cheaper than other pier options. Steel is pricey to purchase, and steel piers use a lot of steel. Foundation repairs are not cheap, however, using concrete instead of steel can make the repairs you need more affordable for you.

Concrete Piers Do Not Have to Be Installed as Low

The second benefit of utilizing concrete piers for foundation repairs is that concrete piers do not have to be installed as low as steel and helical piers. Steel and helical piers need to be dug further below the surface of the home. This disrupts more of your yard, requires specialized digging devices, and increases the amount of time it takes to have these piers installed. Concrete piers can be dug closer to the actual foundation of your home, which makes them quicker to install and requires less digging to have them installed.

Concrete Can Be Poured into Tight Places

The final benefit of concrete piers is that the concrete can be poured on site, which allows you to use it in tight places. Helical and steel piers are made offsite. If you do not have a lot of space between your home and your neighbors home, foundation repair work can be challenging. Pouring concrete in a tight place allows the concrete to focus on your repair, without having to disrupt your neighbors property.

The reasons why a foundation can begin to sink or shift vary from property to property. Concrete piers have many benefits for many home or building owners. However, they are not ideal in every situation. Foundation repair contractors can examine your foundation, determine why the sinking or shifting is occurring and help you determine the best types of piers for the repairs you need. Get in touch with foundation repair contractors today to begin the process of getting your foundation the repairs it needs.