Concrete Mixing And Preparation Tips For A Successful Project

Posted on: 20 October 2020

Concrete allows you to install new pavement, retaining walls, and a faux-flagstone pathway through your property. But be sure you know some of the basics with handling your own concrete mixtures and ordering ready mix. Here are some recommendations to help you get your concrete installation project underway and a success for your new landscaping updates.

Estimate For Your Concrete Project

One of the first things you will need to figure in your concrete project is how much actual concrete mixture you will be needing. If your concrete project is a small one where you will be pouring individual concrete formed stones in a garden walkway or adding an apron onto the edge of your driveway to widen it a couple feet, you will need to find out how much concrete you are looking at mixing so you can use the best method for its installation. 

You can also order your concrete from a ready mix supplier, who will prepare it at their shop and deliver it to you ready to pour. This is a great option, especially when you are going to be pouring in heat or in colder temperatures as the concrete company can mix in the right additives to the ready mix to make sure it cures properly in its specific environment.

Use the Right Mixing Process

You can buy the concrete premixed dry and in bags from a local home improvement supplier. This type of concrete is already mixed with the right amount of sand, gravel, and cement and all you need to do is add the proper amount of water per bag. You can usually mix a bag of dry concrete mix with water in your wheelbarrow. Just be sure you add the water sparingly so you don't add too much water. Adding the water slowly allows you to combine it to make sure it is not too wet requiring you to open another bag of dry mix and supplement the mixture to get it right. Slowly add water until you have a proper mix that is not crumbly but not soupy.

For a larger concrete project, for example a patio, you can use a portable cement mixer to help you with combining several bags of ready mix concrete all at once. You can rent a mixer from most equipment and tool rental businesses in your area. Then, you can mix a larger batch of concrete to the proper consistency and not have to worry about mixing one bag of concrete at a time with a variance in their moisture content. Concrete that has been mixed with too much or too little water will give you a weak and crumbly concrete that is prone to failure in several ways.

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