Six Key Details Of Your Construction Project To Discuss With Your Concrete Contractor

Posted on: 23 February 2021

When you're working with a concrete contractor, good communication is very important. There are some key details you'll need to discuss with your concrete contractor before work on your construction project begins. It's important to have these details worked out when you're looking for a contractor.

The following are six key details of your construction project you'll need to discuss with your concrete contractor. 

Amount you're putting toward concrete work in your budget

Cost is an important consideration to discuss. You should have a budget in mind before you start looking for a concrete contractor. It's a good idea to get multiple quotes on the concrete work you need to have done so that you can choose the option that provides you with the most value. 

Permit requirements

You may need to acquire a permit before concrete work can begin on your worksite. You should discuss permit issues with your concrete contractor. Your concrete contractor can assist you with acquiring any needed permits and advise you on what permits you need if you're not sure. 

Location of your building site

The location of your building site is an important consideration. The further your concrete contractor has to travel and transport materials, the more costly your project will be. It's therefore helpful to find a contractor with a location that is not too far from your building site. 

Desired time frame for finishing concrete work

It's important to discuss time frame so that you know how quickly your project will be finished if you work with a particular contractor. You should also discuss the exact date that work will take place and mark it on your schedule.

You'll want to be easily reachable on the day that concrete is poured on your site. Ideally, you should even be present to provide any input and answer any of your contractor's questions right away on the day that concrete is poured. 

Type of concrete work you need done

There are numerous types of projects that you may need to hire a concrete contractor for. One common need for a concrete contractor is to lay concrete for a driveway. You also might need to find a concrete contractor to lay a foundation for a new construction.

Discuss your concrete needs. Initially, it's good to have an idea of the dimensions of the area over which you need to have concrete laid. To give you an accurate quote, your contractor will want to come out to your worksite to get the exact details. 

Insurance coverage your concrete contractor has

You need to work with a concrete contractor with insurance coverage. A contractor should have insurance coverage to cover costs in the event of a worksite accident. Make sure you've asked about insurance coverage to stay protected financially as concrete work is done on your worksite.